“Driver Installation Failed” when installing vShare Helper

“Driver Installation Failed” while installing VShare Helper: There is a major problem with the windows error code VShare.vxd. This issue can be shortened with the Vshare driver. This problem is known as an unknown error code. The driver is explicit with the windows driver and when using it on iOS devices it indicates the errors with the wrong device.

Why this problem arise?

This problem may occur because of the compatibility issue the device and the software used. The operating system and the driver installed in your device may not compatible with each other.

Vshare is also having the similar problem with its driver. Vshare Helper is an assistant to your windows and Mac PC. This app is a much better version of the original Vshare app. Vshare is great for backup your apps, files, videos, pictures and other important documents. You can directly backup from your computer and you can also drop music to your library with the help of Vshare Helper. 

How to install Vshare Helper

  1. Using your PC open up the browser and click this link
  2. After entering the website, click on the “vShare PC” button.
  3. Vshare Helper setup will start downloading and it will take few minutes to download.
  4. After downloading Vshare Helper setup, double click on “vshareSetup.exe” from the setup folder.
  5. Now install the Vshare Helper in your PC.
  6. Now you will see a screen after the installation, connect your iOS device to the Vshare Helper.

Vshare Helper is struggling with the driver installation failed. So here is the guide to solve this problem.

1. You have to uninstall iTunes from your computer. Go to iTunes > Apple Software Update> Bonjour > AppleMobile Device Support > Apple Application Support.

2. Now press “Win + R” to open Run windows and type “Regedit”.

3. Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE” to delete Apple Inc.

vShare Helper

vShare Helper

vShare Helper

vShare Helper

vShare Helper

4. Now there will be a folder of “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIN > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node and delete all the apple folders.

Hopefully, this will solve the driver installation problem on your iOS device.

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