Purple Drill Bit Collection

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Kiara Sky's Drill Bit Family in Purple! Now you can purchase 17 of Kiara Sky's Beyond Pro Drill Bits together and achieve the ultimate nail kit. 

"Kiara Sky's Beyond Pro Drill Bits are designed to improve speed and quality in your nail work. Easily remove product, change the shape of your client's nails or do a fill in no time. The versatility of this collection, along with the quality of the drill bits, will improve your speed and technique with minimal effort."


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Drill Bits Included:

  • Large Barrel Fine - BIT02P
  • Large Barrel Medium - BIT03P
  • Large Barrel Coarse - BIT04P
  • 5-In-1 Fine - BIT05P
  • 5-In-1 Medium - BIT06P
  • 5-In-1 Coarse - BIT07P
  • Typhoon Fine - BIT08P
  • Typhoon Medium - BIT09P
  • Typhoon Coarse - BIT10P
  • Small Barrel Fine - BIT13P
  • Small Barrel Medium - BIT14P
  • Small Barrel Coarse - BIT15P
  • Smooth Top Fine - BIT16P
  • Smooth Top Medium - BIT17P
  • Smooth Top Coarse - BIT18P
  • Under Nail Cleaner - BIT11P
  • Cuticle Cleaner - BIT12

Follow these steps to clean and sanitize your drill bits:

  • Step #1
    Clean your metal carbide bits to remove debris from the surface by washing with a small cleaning brush, soap and warm water.
  • Step #2
    Soak your drill bits in liquid disinfectant for the time marked on the label to disinfect them. 
    • ** Be sure not to leave your bits soaking for too long as this could start to erode and remove the beautiful coating on your Kiara Sky drill bits!
  • Step #3
    Dry your drill bits completely and store away. 

And there you have it! Squeaky clean and shining Kiara Sky bits that are as good as new!