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5 Best Websites to Watch Movies Online for Free

The trend to Watch Free Movies Online is growing at a tremendous rate. You no longer have to watch movies on your TV where you were forced to watch whichever movie was being played and that too at a specific time. Now, with the launch of applications and platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime you can watch movies at your ease. But, the problem is that all such platforms are paid ones. So if you’re someone who doesn’t want to pay anything to watch movies online, here’s a list of such websites. Other than that you can also find some torrent sites which will allow you to download movies on your PC and watch it whenever you want. 

Watch Movies Online

Best Websites to Watch Movies Online for Free


On this website, you can watch movies free without spending a penny. When you open this website, you can see a list of popular movies with their thumbnails. Also, on the top, you can see a section of movies that are releasing soon. On the thumbnail of each movie, you can see an “I” option which gives you a brief idea about the movie along with its IMDB rating. At the top right of the thumbnail, you can see its rating as well.


On the homepage, you can see a number of sections such as movies, serials, articles and genres. These sections make it easier for the user to watch movies online. On the thumbnail of the movies, you can see the number of likes and dislikes given by the user. The likes and dislikes ratio makes it easier for the user to know whether the movie will be worth watching. There’s an IMDB rating for each movie that you can see on the thumbnail. Along with the movies, this website also lets you watch TV shows and read articles related to TV shows and movies.


The best feature about this website is that all the movies are categorized and arranged in such a manner that the user can browse through the website with ease. There are different sections on the top through which you can find your desired movie and stream it online. Above the name of the movie, you can see its thumbnail and above that, there are stars given to every movie out of 5. Just after the stars, you can see which year that movie belongs to.


Gomovie lets you stream the movie online on the go. You can browse movies according to their IMDB ratings or popularity. The movies here ranges from low to ultra high qualities that make this website friendly for all the types of internet connections. You can see the quality of the movie just on the thumbnail of it. Along with movies, you can watch TV series as well. Also, you can browse movies according to the most favorite and demanded ones.


As the name suggests, this website offers HD online movie streaming for free that too without any signup. You can view the top 100 movies on the website and make your choice which movie to go for. There’s a search option on the right top of the homepage which lets you find your desired movie.

How to use Two Accounts of Clash Royale with Parallel Space

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an excellent successor of one of the most popular games out there named clash of clans. Both games are the two of the most addictive games ever made. These are played by all the generations of mobile gamers. Now, we introduce a one step further into surpassing the limits put on these games. This trick was not possible previously and needed two separate mobile devices to operate. But now, with the release of the Parallel Space application, this trick is possible to be performed even on a single mobile device.

The only thing you’ll ever need to do this is the mighty Parallel Space Application with two separate google accounts. One of the two accounts would be used to collect all the rewards and letters and transfer it to the other account. This trick can only be performed on an android device. So, Only android users can take advantage of this trick.

Firstly, create two separate google accounts. You can Just create two email accounts from the Gmail app itself available on the google play store and you’ll get two separate google accounts.

Secondly, download the parallel space app from google play store. This app will let you clone the other apps on your device and would allow us to use multiple accounts on the same device.

After the parallel space has been downloaded, mark the app Clash Royals to be cloned and add another google account that was created the Google Play profile that pops up after opening the game.

Create  Two Accounts of Clash Royale with Parallel Space

Here are the steps that you need to follow –

  1. Download and install Clash Royale

Download and install the app Clash Royale available on the google Play store. If you’ve already installed Clash Royale once before, you can skip this step.

2. Create another google account

Create a new Gmail account from the Gmail app or through the browser and you’ll now have two separate google accounts.

3. Create the app Clone

Clash Royale

Here comes the role of parallel space application. Use the Parallel Space app (Download File) to select and clone the Clash Royale app. You can also select and clone other apps too like WhatsApp, snapchat or Instagram, but you can unmark them right now due to no need of them right now. Cloning will not at all affect the original app and would create a similar clone without any problem. Within a short amount of time, Clash Royale will be cloned and ready to be played.

4. Combine accounts

Clash Royale

Combine the second Clash Royale account with the second google account created beforehand. Just fill in the details of the email ID and the password, and it would automatically merge with your Clash Royale account.