Nail Removal Kit

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Kiara Sky's “Nail Removal Kit” includes everything you need to give your nails a fresh start! Quickly and easily remove nail enhancements such as gel polish, nail lacquer, dip powder, acrylic, and gel extensions, even if you don't own a nail drill! Everything you need is included. Use our files and acetone to remove and soak off product with ease, gently buff the nail bed to perfection with our pink Kiara Sky buffer blocks, and finish off with the KS Nourish Oil to revitalize your nails and hydrate your skin!

Nail Removal Kit Includes:

- 100% Pure Acetone (16.9 oz)
- 2 Straight Hand Files (80/80 grit)
- 10 Buffer Blocks

- 1 Cuticle Oil of your choice



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