Best torrents sites of 2017

Torrent is one of the best and reliable sources to download any files whether it is software, games or movies. You will find tons of things in torrents. Torrent works in peer to peer method which makes it easy to download files for over 200 million worldwide users. Torrent is a great source for sharing large files, and it is easy to download those large files as long as you have an internet connection.

There might be some issues regarding torrent that some files are being shared without copyright, but overall there are still lots of sites which are working properly.

Best torrent sites of 2017

So here are some of the best torrent sites where you can download various large files.

  • KickAss Torrents – whenever we talk about torrent KickAss always comes in our mind because this site is the best site of the torrent. It was found in 2009, and since then it got very popular. There are some issues with this torrent site; in fact, Feds seized this torrent site, but it is now available again with a different name “later.Co” We are not 100% sure that this site will work in your country since it is banned permanently in some countries.
  • ThePirateBay – If you are always looking for software like Ableton, Adobe software and other great software etc then you might want to take a look at this site. There are loads of software and also songs. ThePirateBay is ranked 192 worldwide which is according to Alexa. As there are some issues, this site is also not working in some countries.

  • – torrent site will give you your search files that are available on other torrent sites. So basically it shows the link to other torrent sites where you can download those files. This site is very handy since it shows other torrents sites in a single search.It is very easy to search files in other torrents also. Otherwise, you have to search for the files in a separate torrent sites.
  • Extra Torrent–Another great torrent sites for downloading software, movies, and games, etc. But there some policies which are being violated by this site and Extra Torrent had to change their domain name from .com to .cc. Extra Torrent also has the feature of showing health meter of other torrent sites. Extra torrent also has its community and live chat feature.
  • YIFY Torrents – There are no other sites where you can download high-quality movies easily, but with YIFY Torrents you can find tons of new movies and download them in high quality. YIFY Torrents has released three years ago and now it is very popular torrent sites that are why this torrent site is on our list. YIFY Torrents has its chat area where you can share your opinion, and if you like YIFY torrent, then you can also like their Facebook page.
  • – is a good torrent site for downloading movies, games, and software, etc. This torrent site is not as good as the other torrent site, but it gets the job done. It can find you whatever you are looking for. There might be a chance that Droid.Me contains some harmful files.
  • – Another good torrent site of the torrent. This site provides some files which are illegal that’s why it is banned in most of the countries.
  • –Seedpeer is a great torrent site because it contains lots of things in it. This search engine has searched and downloaded one of the largets files among other torrent sites.
  • EZTV –EZTV provides all the television shows which you can download for free. You can easily download the whole series of television shows. EZTV provides links of torrent links where you can download the files without registering.
  • 1337X – 1337X is an uploading and downloading sites where users upload and download torrent files. It is a big community of torrent users, and most of its users are form the UK.
  • BitSnoop – This site was once ranked 8 in the best torrent sites because it has one of the largest directories of torrent files probably in millions.
  • IsoHunt – There was a site called IsoHunt which was closed after two weeks of its release. But now this IsoHunt is here which not the previous closed site. This is one of the best torrent sites.
  • Lime Torrents – Lime Torrents is in top torrent sites 2017 because it got very popular lately. Lime torrents provide tons of torrent files. This torrent site was created a few years ago.
  • – This site was once Bulgarian tracker, but it got popular since last year because the authority of United Kingdom made it available for UK.
  • Sumo Torrent – One of the best Movie Torrent sites. Thousands of movies available and updated regularly. Music, games, and anime are also available in summoning torrent.
  • Mini Nova – Mini Nova is a torrent site where you can download loads of files like movies, games, and software, etc. You can even upload files to this torrent sites which make it a community for torrent users.
  • Torrent Box –Torrent Box is totally free of unwanted files, viruses, and Trojans. Great site for downloading torrent files.
  • TorrentHound –TorrentHound is one of the best torrent sites. This site is great, and it is even on the list of the best torrent site of 2017. With average two visitors per second, you can say that this site is quite popular and very reliable.
  • TorlockREactor – You can find torrent files in categories in the homepage of TorlockReactor, and you can enter and download the files easily.
  • TorrentDownloads – Great torrent site for movies was downloading. Tons of new movies available.
  • Demonoid –Demonoid has a feature of avoiding fake torrent links and sites. So it will show you the torrent link which will work.
  • YTS Torrents – Average to the good torrent site for downloading.
  • – movies, songs, books, games, software and others are available in

So these are the best Torrent sites for 2017

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