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Watch 57 Best Comedies on Netflix Right Now 2017

Gotorion is back with another list of top 7 best comedies on Netflix which you can watch right now. As this is the all time list of best comedy shows on Netflix. Although you can also watch 2017 best comedy shows list below. There are different ways to cope with your boredom and if you are a fan of comedy movies that will change your mood instantly, that is why we present you best comedies on Netflix. We have arranged this list by our own expertise; however, nothing could be done without thorough analysis and viewers reviews, so if you have your own thoughts feel free to comment in the section bellow.

Comedies are an important part of our lives because they can make us laugh and therefore they could change and affect our mood. So if you are feeling sad, just turn on your favorite comedy movie on any free movie streaming websites and you are going to help you feel better.

Best Comedies on Netflix

Watch Best Comedies on Netflix of 2017 Right Now

1. Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz was directed by Edgar Wright, a director that is considered as one of the best filmmakers of today. Even though, he made different kinds of movies before, with this particular flick he changed his style and entered into a more popular genre that is very difficult to make. At the end, we are wondering why we haven’t seen this movie, yet, and surely you will try to recommend it to your friends that haven’t watched it yet.

2. Midnight in Paris

This particular movie was directed by Woody Allen and it is filled with smartness, witty and his own comedian style through the script that became popular all over the world. It is considered as his greatest work in the 21st century. What you will get by watching it is a sumptuous and delightful movie filled with nostalgia, dissatisfaction, and relationships. The main part is given to Oven Wilson that proved his acting performance and that he is not only a comedian without a bigger perspective. Wilson is a wannabe writer that goes to Paris in order to get inspiration and he gets into the car that transports him to 1920s the era when in Paris were Scot and Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Cole Porter. This is just a beginning and what will happen next you have to see in order to understand.

3. Superbad

Superbad is considered as one of the best comedies made in the last century with many jokes and great scenes where stars Seth Rogan as the main role. It is a teenager movie but is not really all about that, it is about the idea of change and making past rules in order to understand how to live afterward. It is made by Evan Goldberg and the roles are given by Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. After that many years it became a classic for a younger audience, so even if you have watched it before it will give you another perspective, and if you are the first timer, what are you waiting for.

4. Adventureland

This is another movie made by the director of Superbad and tells a story about a young man that works at an amusement park in order to pay damage he done to parent’s car. This is a movie about life lessons, love, and romance that will keep you in the seat all the way. With irresistible scenery and terrific performance of Jesse Eisenberg, you would regret if you decide to watch this movie online on your favorite movie streaming website Netflix.

5. Burn after Reading

After No Country for Old Man, Coen Brothers wanted to make something different and as a result, they made this absurdist comedy that is filled with the hilarious and straight storyline with many different characters that are not so interesting at the start, but until the end, you will love them for years that go by. With brilliant subversion of expectation and ending that will change your idea of comedy movies on Netflix, Coen brothers showed that they are able to direct many different genres.

6. Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little Chine is great comedy movie made by Russell/Carpenter collaboration and it contains everything that you would enjoy on Netflix, Kung Fu, fantasy and western set in the 1980s in Little China. With great actors and amazing cinematography and storyline, you will enjoy every step of it. So if you want to engage into the great and smart comedy this is the comedy movie that you should stream right now on Netflix with your family and friends.

7. Frances Ha

Even though Noah Baumbach was more into romance and melancholy after this particular movie, he changed his style and showed that he can make everything that he wants. It is a great black and white indie movie that changed the course of independent movies where you can find optimistic moments that are filled with his poetics. With a great storyline and amazing scenes, you will fall in love with characters at the very beginning.

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50 Best Comedies to Watch Netflix Right Now

50. Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie  Year: 2012

49. Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal The Movie  Year: 2016

48. Chef  Year: 1996

47. Band of Robbers Year: 2016

46. Frank Year: 2014

45. Adventureland Year: 2009

44. Goon Year: 2011

43. Sausage Party Year: 2016

42. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Year: 2010

41. Mascots Year: 2016

40. Alan Partridge Year: 2013

39. Casa de Mi Padre Year: 2012

38. Mystery Team Year: 2009

37. Sleepwalk With Me Year: 2012

36. Scrooged Year: 1988

35. Dope Year: 2015

34. Tiny Furniture Year: 2010

33. Burn After Reading Year: 2008

32. Working Girl Year: 1988

31. Desk Set Year: 1957

30. The Parent Trap Year: 1961

29. Bob Roberts Year: 1992

28. Frances Ha Year: 2012

27. The Commitments Year: 1991

26. Swingers Year: 1996

25. Tommy Boy Year: 1995

24. The Big Short Year: 2015

23. Moonrise Kingdom Year: 2012

22. Amélie Year: 2001

21. Barton Fink Year: 1991

20. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Year: 1953

19. The Trip Year: 2011

18. Grosse Pointe Blank Year: 1997

17. Bedazzled Year: 1967

16. In the Loop Year: 2009

15. How to Steal a Million Year: 1966

14. Silver Streak Year: 1976

13. What About Bob Year: 1991

12. O Brother, Where Art Thou? Year: 2000

11. Hot Fuzz Year: 2007

10. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Year: 1985

9. Heathers Year: 1988

8. The Princess Bride Year: 1987

7. Wet Hot American Summer Year: 2001

6. Superbad Year: 2007

5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Year: 1986

4. The Graduate Year: 1967

3. Blazing Saddles Year: 1974

2. Caddyshack Year: 1980

1. This Is Spinal Tap Year: 1984


We have presented you best comedies on Netflix right now that you can watch in HD resolution. You just have to pick any movie from this list and as soon as you finish it you will understand why we have chosen to present it on this particular list.