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How to find Saved WiFi Password on iPhone?

Sometimes it happens that you lose or forget the password for your wireless connection, however, there is a way to find saved Wi-Fi password on iPhone and we are going to present you how to do it without any additional problem or sending it to service. We have seen that many people are asking the same question and this article will answer all your doubts that you had about this topic.

How to find Saved Wi-Fi password on iPhone devices?

How to find Saved WiFi password on iPhone?

If you love working from cafes, you must have an available Wi-Fi network, and it is always important to save them because every time you enter that café again you will be able to connect automatically. However, sometimes when you cannot remember the password that you have entered you can find out how to reach them from your phone. On laptops, for example, you have a possibility to track the password, however, on phones the idea is different and the process is much difficult.

You can always ask the people who work there, but why should you bother because there is a possibility to retrieve it from your iPhone without any additional problem. These useful methods could come in handy when you desperately need your own wifi password hacker to a network that you are already connected. However, you have to understand that this particular method only functions on rooted and jail broken iOS devices.

How to jailbreak your iPhone?

  • The first step that you have to do is to install some tool for jailbreak and we are going to present you Yalu Jailbreak IPA for iOS 10.2 and Cydia Impactor.
  • You have to unzip the Cydia Impactor that you have downloaded and run it as soon as you do it.
  • When you open Cydia Impactor, connect the device that you want to jailbreak to your PC or Mac using cable and it will be automatically recognized by the application.
  • When your device is connected, you have to drag Yalu jailbreak IPA in the Cydia Impactor app and click start after the warning appears.
  • The next step is to sign in the application using your Apple ID, and when you do that just click OK.
  • Cydia Impactor is made in order to prepare your input and to sign the IPA file to your device, when everything is ready you will have Yalu app installed on your iPhone.
  • Enter the settings on your device, then go to General and find Profiles & Device Management.
  • When you enter there you will see profile named that you used in order sign in and open the newly installed Yalu app on your device and press Go in order to star jailbreaking.
  • This could take some time and you don’t have to touch anything until the process is finished. At the very end, the screen will go white and the device will be rebooted.
  • Your device is jail broken.

Find Wi-Fi Password on Jail broken iPhone:

When you have jail broken iPhone you can do many different things that you need and that you are not capable of doing because of strict Apple restriction. We are going to show you instructions on how to show Wi-Fi password on iPhone after jailbreak.

  • First you have to search Wi-Fi password in Cydia, and you will get the passcode easily. Download Cydia in order to start downloading.
  • After downloading you will be able to install it in several seconds.
  • Tap on “Return to Cydia” and then Home button and you will get “Click Wi-Fi Password” icon where you will be able to find a list of all names and password that this device remembered since the beginning.
  • How to View Saved Wi-Fi Password on iPhone without Jailbreak
  • There is no possibility to do find the retrieved password for Wireless network that you are using, however, there are some applications available on the App Store that could help you break your own password, but it is not efficient enough if you compare it with the previous method.

Show iPhone Wi-Fi Password by Using Keychain

If you contain Mac laptop and the same wireless network on your computer as on iPhone, you can find out by using Keychain app on your computer. You just have to install the keychain and follow guide that is very simple if you have in mind that everything that you do will help you retrieve your wireless password. 


These methods are the best ways to find saved Wi-Fi password on your iPhone, however, you must be certain that everything that you are going to do is not going to interfere with your system because sometimes jailbreak could damage your system and in many cases you will not be able to use warranty because that is not legal way of dealing with your device.

If you have different ideas on how to retrieve password on the iOS mobile device, feel free to comment all your ideas and point of view because that could help us and readers to solve this problem more effectively.

5 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online without Downloading

The trend to Watch Free Movies Online without downloading is growing at a tremendous rate. You no longer have to watch movies on your TV where you were forced to watch whichever movie was being played and that too at a specific time. Now, with the launch of applications and platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime you can stream movies at your ease. But, the problem is that all such platforms are paid ones. So if you’re someone who doesn’t want to pay anything to stream movies online for free, here’s a list of such websites. Other than that you can also find some torrent sites which will allow you to download movies to your PC and watch it whenever you want. 

Watch Free Movies Online without Downloading

Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online without Downloading


On this website, you can watch movies free without downloading without spending a penny. When you open this website, you can see a list of popular movies with their thumbnails. Also, on the top, you can see a section of movies that are releasing soon. On the thumbnail of each movie, you can see an “I” option which gives you a brief idea about the movie along with its IMDB rating. At the top right of the thumbnail, you can see its rating as well.


On the homepage, you can see a number of sections such as movies, serials, articles and genres. These sections make it easier for the user to watch free movies online without downloading. On the thumbnail of the movies, you can see the number of likes and dislikes given by the user. The likes and dislikes ratio makes it easier for the user to know whether the movie will be worth watching. There’s an IMDB rating for each movie that you can see on the thumbnail. Along with the movies, this website also lets you watch TV shows and read articles related to TV shows and movies.


The best feature about this website is that all the movies are categorized and arranged in such a manner that the user can watch full movies online for free without downloading through the website with ease. There are different sections on the top through which you can find your desired movie and stream it online. Above the name of the movie, you can see its thumbnail and above that, there are stars given to every movie out of 5. Just after the stars, you can see which year that movie belongs to.


Gomovie lets you stream the free movie online without downloading on the go. You can browse movies according to their IMDB ratings or popularity. The movies here ranges from low to ultra high qualities that make this website friendly for all the types of internet connections. You can see the quality of the movie just on the thumbnail of it. Along with movies, you can watch TV series as well. Also, you can browse movies according to the most favorite and demanded ones.


As the name suggests, this website offers HD online movie streaming for free that too without any signup. You can view the top 100 full movies online for free without downloading on the website and make your choice which movie to go for. There’s a search option on the right top of the homepage which lets you find your desired movie.